We are an independent Christian church that is not affiliated with the U.S. Armed Services or Department of Defense. Therefore, we do not receive funding from sources outside our church family. The people who call Waypoint Christian Church their church home are the ones who give joyfully and generously to support the ministry of this church. That’s one of the marks of our church…generosity! Every member at Waypoint has made a commitment to give regularly to this ministry as an expression of their love for God and a reminder that everything we have comes from him and belongs to him. The Bible says that giving is our reminder that God is the supplier of everything and our giving helps us put God’s kingdom work first in our lives and finances.

Sunday Offering

One of the first things people notice when they visit Waypoint is that we don’t pass the offering plates during the worship service. That doesn’t mean that giving is not an important part of our worship. Most people at Waypoint give regularly each month through direct bank deposit; however, others prefer to give during the worship service. To facilitate that, we have a mailbox located at the entrance of the auditorium for people to give at any time during worship or on your way out.  

Direct Deposit Offering Information

If you would like to give regularly through Direct Bank Deposit, the following information will be useful to you in setting that up.


ONLINE via PAYPAL, CC, or bank                            

Select: Waypoint Church                                          

To Mail In A Check                                                          

P.O. Box 833276                                                           

Richardson, TX 75083-3276

German Bank:

VR-Bank Westpfalz


IBAN:  DE12540900000081091129


*Donations given to Waypoint are tax deductible on your U.S. Income Tax. Contribution reports are provided annually.