High School youth group

meet colin & becca brown

Hey there, we’re the Browns, and we are thankful to help get Waypoint’s High School Ministry on its feet. We anticipate “doing life “with the high schoolers by pointing them to Jesus as He travels with and points us to Himself. We believe the best way to do this is life-on-life discipleship, not just in a group setting, but by doing life “with one another ," and we also see this ministry as a family ministry.  We believe God defines us by worship, worship He pours into us, and our response may look like building relationships, sharing meals, serving together, ministering together, eating the Word, praying, recreating and more. If God had a business card, we think it might say something like, “Redeemer and Restorer…” There is no sacred or secular to God; He creates all and can restore all. We want to invite the high schoolers into this Gospel Story. As A.W. Tozer says, “True religion confronts earth with heaven and brings eternity to bear upon time.”

Who are we? Well, the easiest answer is, “God’s Beloved.” Whose we are and who we are is settled in Jesus, and what we do is an outpouring of who He is. We enjoy reading chunks of the Word and children’s literature aloud.  Colin has a minor in Biblical Studies and Becca attempted to study all things God while obtaining a Bachelors in English Education. She once printed all of Charles Spurgeon’s sermons and collected them in a binder.  Colin grew up in a pastor’s home and appreciates the love and intentional discipleship passed down from his parents. Like Colin, Becca’s family consistently pointed her to the truth, and she is indelibly grateful.  Building intentional community has led our decisions, and Godly community has shaped and changed us. Unlike Colin’s dry and “punny” sense of humor, Becca is quite witty and a tad goofy.  We both feel at home with teenagers and Becca enjoyed advising the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) during her teaching career.  We enjoy creating together and look forward to doing so with the youth.  We love exploring history, rock climbing and all things “music.”  If it’s dinner time, you may even find us dancing in our kitchen.  

Speaking of kitchens, Colin fondly remembers the afternoon he and his four siblings dared his dad to preach on the word “and.” They thought they could outsmart him, but they quickly learned the power of the tiny, but purposeful, “conjunction.”  And, being an English teacher, Becca would agree. One phrase that keeps drawing us into His presence on life’s journey is, “But God.”  This tiny conjunction resounds through scripture accompanied with tales and miracles of God’s sovereign hand and intentional design woven through time.  This phrase constantly invites us to “rest” during life’s storms as Jesus did, and we hope to walk this out with the high schoolers too.  We can’t wait to see where God leads this ministry.