We’re glad you’re taking a look at Waypoint through our website. We’re even more stoked that you may be considering stopping by one of these Sundays. If that happens, we’d like to give you a heads-up as to what you can expect when you get here.  Right out of the gates you need to know that we desire to create a warm and friendly environment.  Wear what ever you are most comfortable.  Enjoy a free cappuccino and be as engaged as you desire to be. The music is up-beat and contemporary and the message longs to do two things; lift up and honor Jesus and His Word and to make it relevant to the lives of the listeners.

Our name shows our hand in regards to why we do what we do.  The word waypoint merely means, "A stopping point along a journey".  We believe everyone is on a journey and at this point in time we are here to play a role that God has for us.  We understand that for many of our people their time in Germany might be short-lived.  TDY's, deployments and the natural PCS cycle brings people into our midst for a season or two and then they are off again.  Realistically we desire to play a small role in the life changing journey God has them on while they are here.  With this short window of time in mind on Sundays and at any of our activities we desire to do 3 things well that are listed below.  On an average Sunday we are thinking through the lens of these three areas of focus. 

To Be A Beacon For Those Far From Christ

We desire Waypoint to be a place where you can find hope in a hopeless world.  Jesus said that He came that we might have life in abundance. This world strives to offer "life" to people but it often leaves more and more emptiness.  At Waypoint we long for this to be a place where you can bring your questions, doubts and brokenness.  We are a place who will unapologetically brag about Jesus. If you come visit you will hear about Him and all He has done for you and how to begin walking with Him.

To Be An Aid Station For The Hurting

We know that living on this side of heaven can bring with it numerous wounds and scars.  At Waypoint we desire this to be a place where you can begin or continue the healing journey God has you on.  We long to be a place where we can come alongside you, meet you where you are at and help you move forward with Jesus in wholeness and victory.

To Be A Re-Supply Point For The Disciple-Maker

Jesus has called His church to accomplish some strategic things.  The primary task is for all of us that make up the church to make disciples.  This entails being engaged at winning those far from Jesus, building up those who are His followers, equipping men and women to be disciple-makers and multiplying leaders to reach and impact the world.  At Waypoint we trust that we are providing tools, training and supplies to those who are actively engaged in fulfilling what Jesus has called us to do, make disciples.

So that’s it. That’s what you can expect when you show up on Sunday or to any other event our church hosts. We hope we’ll see you soon so we can welcome you as friends.