Current church Covid Status- GREEN

Waypoint Family, 

After the latest government updates, we would like to clarify the procedures over the coming weeks as we navigate the increase in local COVID numbers. We seek to be compliant with local rules as well as guidance from the military. Here you will find weekly updated information on what Waypoint's current status is regarding holding church service in person. As always, thank you for being part of our Waypoint Family, and we especially appreciate your patience and support while we continue to adjust to this situation.

***Regardless of our status, you can always catch our service online here. 

Church Covid status classifications:

Here you will find an explanation of each warning level:   

  • Green status

    Follow standard precautions, no significant reduction in capacity. Masks are required on entrance and exit and can be removed when seated. Continue to practice social distancing and appropriate hand hygiene. 

  • yellow status

    Mandated reduced capacity. Registration online is encouraged as walk-ins accommodations are not guaranteed pending available space. Masks are required at all times when in the building. No singing will be permitted. Continue to practice social distancing and appropriate hand hygiene.

    UPDATE: Required mask types-KN95/N95, FFP2 or Surgical Grade Mask. People under the age of 14 can continue to wear cloth masks. 

  • REd status

    Not able to meet in person. Virtual services only during this time.