our doors are open!

Waypoint Christian Church Family, 

We are doing what we believe is best for our church as we plan to regather. We want to keep Waypoint Church updated with the following guidelines for regathering. The German government and Military orders have given various guidelines in which we will follow in order to protect everyone. 

Please see below, important information regarding attending our in-person service.   

Attending our in-person service


When You Enter Waypoint Christian Church for Worship Service: 

  • If weather permits, a table will be set up outside to take down your personal information, if it was not provided when registering. We are required by the German government to keep this information on record for 4 weeks. Please maintain social distance when waiting to approach the table.  

  • Everyone entering the building must enter through the lower café door only. This will allow for a safe flow of traffic. After the service please exit the building through the double doors near the Connections Counter.  

  • Hand sanitizer will be available inside the facility. However, we also ask that you bring hand sanitizer with you and you ensure that your hands have been washed and sanitized prior to entering the facility and after you leave for your safety and for others. 

  • The German government requires that we cover the mouth/nose while entering the building until seated, in which then you can remove your mask.. This applies to all people over the age of 6. While we will have masks available at each service, we ask that you bring your own if possible.

  • We will be providing childcare in staggered openings of classrooms. Please check the website for up to date information on which age groups open. All families are welcome to be in the sanctuary. There is also a TV streaming the service in the cafe area which offers a less structured environment. Children must be accompanied by at least one parent at all times.   

  • The foyer restrooms will be available if needed. We will have a restroom attendant to ensure that no more than one person at a time enters the restroom. After each use, it is required for the restrooms to be sanitized for any others who need to use them. Other restrooms in the facility will not be available. We encourage you and your family to use the restroom before coming to church in order to limit unnecessary contact with surfaces.   

  • Seating in the sanctuary will be set up in a way to maintain the social distancing requirements. Family members can sit together, so please look for groupings of chairs to accommodate the number of people in your family. We kindly ask that you not move any of the pre-arranged seats.

  • Our offering box will be available in the back of the building. Please feel free to drop your tithes and offerings in before or after service.  We will also continue with our online giving. 

When Leaving Waypoint Christian Church: 

At the end of the service, you will be dismissed by sections. We ask that you exit the facility with those with whom you came. Please know that sanitation of the building will take place quickly after each of the services, so we ask that you exit the building completely while keeping a 6-foot social distance from each other. 

  • After the closing song or message, someone will direct us on exiting. While we also long to connect with you, we ask that you and your family exit the building without gathering and interacting with others.  

  • Following each of the services, we will thoroughly wipe down all hard surfaces in our restrooms, foyer, and Worship Sanctuary. 

Our Waypoint team believes that we can regather and this will work for everyone who chooses to attend our services while respecting each other’s safety and the guidelines set by our governing bodies.  Although there will be changes to our services, our prayers are that we will do whatever is necessary to ensure the safety of everyone in our Waypoint community as we regather for worship. 

We will continue to keep you updated in the coming weeks. For those that choose not to participate in the onsite worship we will continue with our online service Sunday’s at 10am. Thanks for your understanding and patience during this difficult time and we look forward to being able to all gather again soon!